The French-American Heritage Foundation of Minnesota

  • The French-American Heritage Foundation was founded to promote French-American Heritage in Minnesota and to host French-Heritage  events and provide educational resources to those interested in their French Heritage .
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    St. Anthony Falls as they appeared to Father Louis Hennepin in 1680. Picture by Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902)

    We need donations in order to survive.  Your entire membership gift will be used to promote the mission of the Foundation.   All donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible. New book titled “They Spoke French, French Heritage in Minnesota” now available to purchase. All net proceeds from sale of book go to fund Foundation activities.  See attached: They Spoke French Press Release. You may purchase book at this website address

    Groups and individuals of French-language, French-cultures, and the many French heritages of the world, and those interested in promoting and preserving this heritage, are welcomed and encouraged to contribute.

    Please indicate your –or your group’s —interest on the membership form.

  • If interested in Minnesota French Heritage Education Classes, see the Events page under News and Events Menu. Also, to register for Heritage Event on November 1st regarding the St. Paul Chapel, go to St. Paul Chapel page (see top of page).