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Why have a French-American Heritage Foundation? Two words come to mind: Education and entertainment?
Founded in early 2013, the French-American Heritage Foundation owes its existence to three organizations:  IF-Midwest, the Durand Heritage Foundation, and the former La Societe Canadienne Francaise of Minnesota. Professor Virgil Benoit of the University of North Dakota-Grand Forks, and the (Initiatives Francaises) IF-Midwest sponsored and organized a celebration of French-American culture and heritage called Franco-Fête, held at DeLaSalle High School in September, 2012.  The Durand Heritage Foundation participated in the first Franco-Fête.  Many of the F-AHF board members were members of the former Societe Canadienne Francaise (French-Canadian Society) and the archives of that organization’s newsletter are available through this website thanks to its editor Dick Bernard.

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Artists depiction of Marquette and Joliet in 1673. Jacques Marquette was a French Jesuit priest and Louis Jolliet was a cartographer and fur trader from Quebec.

Who we are

The French-American Heritage Foundation is based on the unifying factor of the French language in many different American Cultural heritages, whether Cajun, Haitian, West-African, North-African, French-Canadian or francophone European.  Our primary goal is to celebrate the ways in which these many French-American cultures have contributed to-and continue to enrich- the culture of the United States.

What we do

The F-AHF will sponsor education and public programming focused around French-American Heritage and is working to sponsor in the future a festival of French-language cultures to be known as Franco-Fête.    This website will expand to include information on all the many French-American cultures.  We want it to be a source for genealogy and family history, the immigrant experience, and for resources available in the French Language to new arrivals.  Your contributions to the site are invited.   The illustration on this page shows early French and French-Canadian explorers.  Many other French-language cultural groups have also come to Minnesota.  Tell us your family’s story.

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