Francophone Events

 Franco Fete logo_RGB_300The French-American Heritage Foundation will post information on events that support or are related to French-American Heritage in Minnesota and the Midwest.     If you would like to post an event you are involved with or know about,  please send an email to Mark Labine at


Spring 2018:  Francophone North America, French 3650, T, Th:  9:45 am to 11 pm, 3 credits, Prerequisite Fren 3015, Instructor:  C. Brian Barnett (  See



February 24:  Joe Amato’s Presentation

April 27:  Meeting at Little Canada Historical Society with Virgil Benoit 

July 9:  Bastille Day

July 21 – Aug. 4: French-Canadian tour to Quebec City: Check out website of Initiatives in French website for information on the tour and their latest on French-Canadian and Métis heritage in North Dakota.  visit web site at the rubrics “Home” and “News”.  Website address:  (1)  (2)

September 17:  History Cruise:  The Shoreline from Lake City to Old Frontenac.  Time: 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  Tel:  (651) 388-6024.  e-mail:  Website:

October 1:  History Cruise:  The Sea Wing Disaster.  Time:  3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Tel:  (651) 388-6024.  e-mail:  Website:

Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm: French-Canadian Classes.  See details: class-canadian-french.



June 23:the Feast of St. Jean-Baptiste, has long been celebrated in French-Canadian communities throughout the Great Lakes, in earlier decades with parades and great festivals. It is an official holiday in Québec and the ‘national’ holiday of French-Canadians everywhere. Like paczkis at Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, and so many other special days, St-Jean is part of our cultural and religious heritage. 


July 15-21:  Lumières Françaises by the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul at the St. Anthony Main.

August 8 to 14: Afoutayi Seventh Annual Haitian Dance, Music and Arts Festival- See attached. Afoutayi Haitian Festival 2016

August 8 to August 14:  Afoutayi Seventh Annual Haitian Cultural Festival 2016 in the twin cities.

August 26 to 28:  Chautauqua & French-Canadian/Metis Festival at Huot, MN., contact Virgil Benoit at 218-253-2270 or Jerry Amiot at 218-289-8889.

September 17: Festival of the Voyageur, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the North West Company Fur Post in Pine City, Minnesota (address is 12551 Voyageur Lane). This is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society.   Cost is $10 adults, $8 seniors and college students, $6 ages 5-17.  MNHS members receive a $2 discount.  Contact info:  320-629-6356.

September 26 – October 2, 2016:  Michigan French Canadian Heritage Week  (

October 29: Family History Fair at Minneapolis Public Library




September 19, 2015 Festival of the Voyageur- This event sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society at the Northwest Company Fur Post in Pine City, Minnesota.  See attached:Festival of the Voyageur