French Heritage Events

Below is a list of  events or festivals in Minnesota in the year 2014 that have connections to French-American Heritage in Minnesota:

 SAINT JEAN BAPTISTE, LA FETE NATIONAL DU QUEBEC.   Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 6 to 8 p.m.   Celebrate St. Jean the Baptiste day at the Consulate General of Canada at the official residence located at 28 Park Lane, Minneapolis, MN  55416.   Cost is $10 for general public.  See attached flyer.  Fête de la St-Jean 2014

FRENCH-AMERICAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION EDUCATION EVENT–   June 28, 2014 at noon at the Salut Bar Americain in St. Paul.   Dr. Greg Brick from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Minnesota will discuss the discovery of saltpeter caves along the Minnesota shore of Lake Pepin by Pierre-Charles Le Sueur in 1700.   These caves have recently been located and were the subject of his doctoral research at the University of Minnesota.

FRENCH-CANADIAN HERITAGE DAY.  Friday, October 3, 2014.  Come and learn about the contribution of French People to Minnesota and the impact of their cultural heritage.   The Alliance Francaise and the French-American Heritage Foundation of Minnesota co-present this celebration of French and French-Canadian culture.   This event will be held at the Grand Salle in the Alliance Francaise corporate office located at 113 N First St., Mpls MN 55401.  See the following insert.  French Canadian Heritage Day

FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL USA- June 2 through June 5, 2014.  Unifrance is bringing six recent French movies to U.S. audiences with its first annual French Film Festival USA.   The six films are Jappeloup, It Boy, Little Lion,  A Monkey On My Shoulder,  Tour de Force, and Under the Rainbow.  See attached for more information about these films and thereatre  locations.  French Film Festival June 2014

FESTIVAL OF NATIONS, St. Paul River Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, May 1-4, 2014. Provides a look into the traditions, history and journey of over 90 ethnic groups and how they contribute to the American cultural landscape.  651-647-0191

FARIBAULT HERITAGE CELEBRATIONJune 18-22, 2014.  Central Park, Faribault, Minnesota.  On Saturday, La Compagnie Fur Traders features a colorful group of voyageurs encamped at Central  Park from 9am to 4pm and a tour of Alexander Faribault House from 10am to 2pm.  507-334-4381

CANNON RIVER FUR TRADE RENDEVOUSMay 23-26, 2014.  5 miles west of Cannon Falls on Highway 19.  This rendezvous is an enactment of a fur trade encampment during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Characters and activities of the time are portrayed by over 150 re-enactors in historically accurate attire and tent camps.  Includes music, food, demonstrations, contests, vendors and games.  763-213-7572

FETE DES LACS, Centerville, Minnesota, July 25-27, 2014.  A celebration of Centerville’s rich French-Canadian heritage, including food, a parade, dance, and fireworks.   651-429-4750

CANADIAN DAYS, LITTLE CANADA, Minnesota, August 1-3, 2014.  With a strong French-Canadian heritage, the Little Canada festival celebrates a relationship with its sister city, Thunder Bay, Ontario.  651-766-4029

SAINT FRANCIS MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL  May 3, 2014.  See attached   2014 St. Francis Multicultural Festival

ANNUAL HERITAGE FEST, St. Michael, Minnesota, August 8-10, 2014.  763-416-7900

FRENCH HERITAGE EVENTS in Minnesota 1981 to early 2000’s.  French Heritage Events 1981-2000

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