French-Heritage Organizations

Below is a list of organizations in the Twin Cities and the greater Minnesota area that have interests in French-language or French Canadian heritage or culture.

Alliance Francaise de Minneapolis/St. Paul

Americans of French Descent  This facebook page is dedicated to promoting awareness of French heritage in the US including fostering an understanding of France among Americans of French descent.

Minnesota Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French

Centre de La Francophonie des Amériques.  This website is in french.  It has information about francophone events all over North and South America.

Durand Heritage Foundation  http://

French American Chamber of Commerce  http://

French American Heritage Foundation  http://

Initiatives in French Midwest.  is a website which gives the latest information on Franco-Fetes and other programs directed by IFMidwest for students, teachers, and general public in the  Midwest.  Copies of the past issues of the organization’s magazine are also found on the site, map locating French-Canadian and Metis communities in North Dakota and the Minnesota Red River Valley, photos from past events, and a list of material contained in the IFMidwest archives in the Chester Fritz Library at the University of North Dakota.

La Societe Canadienne Francaise du Minnesota (LSCF)-   La Societe was an organization that had an official lifespan of 22 years, from 1979 to 2001.    A history of this organization is described in an article written by Dick Bernard.  LaSociete 1979-2001

French Heritage Society.   The French Heritage Society is dedicated to protecting the French architectural legacy both in France and the United States with particular emphasis on raising funds for preservation and education. The society fosters long-established French-American relationships through cultural exchanges as it strives to ensure that the treasures of our shared heritage will survive to inspire future generations.It has a website located at

Minneapolis and Tours, France Sister Cities.  Minnneapolis and Tours Sister Cities is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Its mission is to enhance cultural understanding and economic development between the city of Tours, France and the City of Minneapolis through active community building.  The “Foire de Tours” is preparing to showcase Minnesota as the featured region in 2017. For more information on this and other opportunities to learn more and get involved, please go to their website at Mpls & Tours Sister Cities

Voyageur Heritage- The French Canadian Cultural Alliance of the Great Lakes.   The French-Canadian Cultural Alliance of the Great Lakes is dedicated to the promotion, expression, and engagement of contemporary and traditional French-Canadian culture in the Great Lakes region. For more information, see their website at  See attached for more info:  French-Canadian Cultural Alliance of Michigan

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