French-American Heritage Articles

Below are newspaper, magazine and other articles written about French American Heritage or history in Minnesota and the midwest.  If you have an article you would like to list here,  please contact us at the French American Heritage Foundation.

Americans with French Descent– About thirteen million U.S. residents are of French descent. French-Americans  gave birth to streams of French-Americans like the Acadians, the Cajuns (literally Acadian pronounced with a southern accent), Louisiana Créoles and many others.   Following a a list on the Wikipedia website listing some Americans with French Ancestry. Some of the names will surprise you.

Dit names of French Canadians. This article explains what they mean. See website at

Echo de l’ouest- French Minnesota Newspaper online. This is available free through Chronicling This French speaking newspaper was published in Minneapolis from 1883 to 1929. Minnesota Echo de l’ouest.

En Avant.  Story about film being made by Christine Loys about Minnesota’s French Connections.Film Celebrates Minnesota French Connection

Francais d’Amerique/French in America Calendar Photos and Texts from 1985 to 2002.  This was a project of Virgil Benoit of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota put together in collaboration with Marie-Reine Mikesell of Chicago, Illinois. This website is filled with wonderful pictures involving the French in America.

French Canadian Emigration to the United States, 1840-1930.  Very interesting article about the roughly 900,000 French Canadians who left Canada to come to United States and reasons for the migration.  Article written by Damien-Claude Belanger, Department of History from University de Montreal and also Marianopolis College.French Canadian Emigration to the United States

French in U.S. 1980: French in U.S. 1980

French Settlers in St. Paul. Story about early French Settlers in St. Paul. Early-French-MN-Terr-Settlers;   French Settlers in MN

French Holiday Music, with foreward by Francois Fouquerel. Des Chansons pour la saison

Historical Timeline: Significant Minnesota Dates and Happenings 

Influence of French-Canadians on the U.S. Midwest.   by Pierre Girard.Influence of French in Midwest

Gentilly, Minnesota. Story about French Canadian history in Gentilly, Minnesota.  Gentily MN history

Kaposia.  Story about the Battle of Kaposia (pronounced Kapoja) which took place in St. Paul on July 8, 1842.  At that time there was a mostly French settlement in the downtown St. Paul area.    The story is written by Isaac Labissoniere who witnessed the battle who came to St. Paul with his family from the Selkirk Settlement in the Red River Valley.  Attached is Issac’s story of the battle and an article about Isaac himself.  Battle of Kaposia by Isaac LabissoniereIssac Labissioniere bio; Speech about Kaposia Kaposia Speech

Le Forum, Volume 38, #2 (Printemps/Spring 2016) LE FORUM VOL. 28 2016

Le Sueur French Saltpeter Caves in Minnesota.   Article written by Greg Brick, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota. Le Sueur article GCHS Newsletter 2013

Minnesota, an exclusive product of Scandinavia? Au contraire, by Christina Selander Bouzouina, Executive Director, Alliance Francaise.Bon anniversaire Minnesota

Mousseau Cabin Article: Mousseau cabin

Octavo Barker Story, by Harry Tatro. This is story of man who lived with French Canadians in Minnesota (his wife was Celina Trudeau (descendant of Etienne Trudeau who arrived in New France in 1659). This couple lived in early Wabasha, Minnesota and later lived in Argyle, Minnesota, both French Canadian communities.  Octavo fought in Civil War and was imprisoned in Andersonville prison in Georgia. His story gives you a great feeling for life in early Minnesota. Octavo Barker Story

Perrot, Nicolas. Perrot was an early French explorer who established a Fort on Lake Pepin in the year 1686.   Here is an article about him.  Nicolas Perreault Article

Pig’s Eye and Me, by Janell (Belisle dit Germain) Norman, 2016. Pigs Eye and Me

Pigs Eye Parrant’s Fountain Cave.  Article written by Greg Brick that was published in Ramsey County History  about the cave once habited by Pierre “Pigs Eye” Parrant.  Pigs Eye Parrant Fountain Cave

Recollections of Antoine Grignon. Published by Wisconsin Historical Society. This is autobiography of Antoine Grignon, a mixed blood born in 1828. His father was of French and Winnebago descent and his Mother French and Dakota descent. Wonderful story of life in early Minnesota and fur trade along the Mississippi River. Recollections of Antoine Grignon

Resettlement of French-Canadian Emigrants from Northern Minnesota to Washington’s Yakima Valley in the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries. By: Wallace G. Lewis.   Transcribed by Michael Fortier, October 18, 2008.  Resettlement french-canadian-emigrants

Royal Descents of Famous People, by Mark Humphreys. This website helps explain why most French Canadians are probably descendants of Charlemagne.

St. Paul Chapel Article: Minneapolis Star Tribune Article by Curt Brown on 175th anniversary of St. Paul Chapel, built by French-Canadians. St. Paul Chapel Star Tribune article

St. Paul Settler map-1841: St. Paul settler map 1841

Toutcanadien is a website where you can learn Canadian French. The mission of this site is to become the most complete on-line resource for the acquisition or reacquisition of the North-American French language. See site at

Voyageur story by Mark Labine. Voyageur story


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